July 1

My Experience With An Escort In New York

It was 9:05 PM on a Friday night and I just arrived to New York JFK airport from a 6 hour flight from LAX. I was exhausted but stoked as this was my first time in NYC. I had no clue what I would do my first night here.

I did some searching around on Travelocity and yelp and other sites to get an idea what to do. Most of them recommended areas such as Times Sq. or Greenwich village or The meatpacking district. Some of which I heard about on TV but the meatpacking district was new to me. I got a cab and had him take me to it. I was there in under an hour. I stood out like a sore thumb. Everyone was in couples or groups. I needed someone to roll with. I decided I needed an escort so I googled New York escort service and began my adventure.

There was one girl that I instantly fell for. Jessica had the look of a girl next door, the body or a reality TV show star, and face of an angel. I had to meet her. One call to New York 5 Star escort service in New York and she was on her way to meet me. There is no better feeling in the world, when you see a girl you want and can have her delivered to you in no time. Gotta love technology.

She showed up looking stunning. Dressed to impress and a notch above the crowd in the chic neighborhood I was rolling in. She greeted me like we were old lovers reconnecting after a long time. What a great feeling. I think I like this dial-a-girl option. I mean what else was I to do. Hang out in one of those bars with no social proof, no friends and try to meet someone? like that would work. Usually I like to have a wing man or someone that I can roll with so that I at least have no loser written all over me.

All eyes were on us. I’m a decent looking guy and can get some decent looking women, but this girl was out of my league. When she walked in the room it was all eyes on her, like who is this girl. Something about her screams I am somebody, even though she is just a regular good looking girl.…

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June 18

Stachkom Proclamation


The criminal regime has brought Russia to the unheard-of shame and humiliation and has thrown her people to poverty and misery. This regime must be overthrown! For long decades we lived as serfs of the feudal CPSU. Now, new exploiters– democrats have thrown us into the new, bourgeois slavery. It was the gang of communists and democrats who has brought Russia to the brink of catastrophe. It can be prevented only by a revolutionary organized working class.

There is no any other social force that can do this! This is why we, workers, are taking today all power and responsibility for the fate of our society. The mafioso-type, festering administration of Yeltsin has to be dissolved immediately and unconditionally. All power will be transferred into the hands of revolutionary strike committees which will be fully accountable to workers’ meetings and conferences. This will become the main law of life! Any power–unless it is strictly controlled by the organized masses–instantaneously degenerates and produces new mean exploiters no matter how beautifully masked.

All to the Square of Glory! Down with the Communists and Democrats! Down with Parliaments and Presidents! Long Live the Power of Workers! Long Live Revolution! Signed:

The Strike Committee of ZiM The Strike Committee of the City of Samara

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June 18

Working Class Struggle

The political struggle of the Russian working class

The struggle of the working class includes these important dates in history. Many of these times have impacted the class in a profound way. The documents listed below give a detailed explanation of the plight, struggle and strikes that were implemented against the upper class to effect equality and fair and decent pay.

The working-class history in general of Russia

3 Million March on May Day in Former USSR str

By Mike Davidow, People’s Weekly World, 13 May 1995.
Marchers mark Bolshevik Revolution
By Bill Doares, Workers World, 27 November 1997. Massive labor demonstrations throughout Russia call for return of Soviet system.

On the Territory of the USSR the Work of the CPSU is Being Renewed!

Northstar Compass, January 1998. On November 1–2, 1997, in Moscow, there took place a Congress of Soviet Communists. The Congress adopted the Declaration for the rejuvenation and rebuilding of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union on all of the former territory of the USSR.

Russian labour’s restless summer: The union movement looks to politics

By Renfrey Clarke, Green Left Weekly, [11 July 1998]. More and more often, labour activism has become unabashedly political. All this is happening in July, when workers in past years have been tending their potatoes and cabbages. What will things be like in autumn, when labour struggles have traditionally resumed in earnest?

Why is the Working Class Not Up to a Decisive Struggle?

By Felix Gorelik, Northstar Compass, August 1998. Why is the Soviet working class accommodating its masters, when for more than 6–8 months, they do not receive pay for work done? at the moment is the Soviet workers are not ready for a political, revolutionary struggle. Why is this so? The opportunistic position of Gennady Zyuganov and many deputy-communists.

To the International Working Class

From the Samara Strike Committee, 10 April 1999. The Samara Strike Committee—the host of the Second All-Russian Congress of Strike Committees—had to postpone the beginning of the congress due to the lack of money. Without some minimal financial resources the desperately needed higher level of class organization cannot be reached. The existing communist parties have been proven to be nothing but illusions.

The Maydays of Moscow

By Renfrey Clarke, Green Left Weekly, 5 May 1999. May 1 in Moscow this year saw two quite separate demonstrations. The larger, drawing about 10,000 participants, was organised by the Moscow Federation of Trade Unions (MFP).
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June 18

The Samara Strike Committee

A Resolution of the Workers’ Meeting of ZIM Plant (Samara)

We, the workers of ZIM, declare that our bosses and authorities deceived us so many times and with such impudence that we no longer believe anybody and anything. We therefore declare to all that from now on we won’t let anybody to touch our ZIM before we don’t get paid our back wages. No to bankruptcies, no to joint-stock companies, and no to outside managers! That’s all! Now we are the masters of the plant! First, pay us our back wages–then we can talk. Hands off ZIM!

To the International Working Class

From the Samara Strike Committee, 10 April 1999

The Samara Strike Committee—the host of the Second All-Russian Congress of Strike Committees—had to postpone the beginning of the congress from March 28 to April 17 due to the lack of money to transport the delegates of the congress to the city of Samara (the Volga river).

The coffers of our most militant working class organizations are empty. Our workers cannot fill them. They do not get paid their wages. Their families starve. Yet without some minimal financial resources the desperately needed higher level of class organization cannot be reached. This is why we, the organizers of the congress, have no choice but to appeal to the international working class, its organizations and all progressive people around the world to help us in making this event happen.

Why do we need this congress now?

We need it because all illusions that the anti-capitalist working class movement in our country can be organized from the outside, by the existing communist parties have been proven to be nothing but illusions.

We can now clearly see that the organized communist movement (”komdvizhenie”) formed and led by the remnants of the former CPSU has broken with Marxism, with the ideas and ideals of communism, has broken with the working class and has become either the agent of the nationalist bourgeoisie and the state-capitalist bureaucracy or has ossified into sectarian, self-centered formations—politically sterile and hopelessly removed from the actual struggles of Russian proletariat.

The accelerated disintegration and decay of the communist parties in our country has been accompanied by the profound weakening of the physical and moral strength of the working class under the terrible blows of the cannibalistic regime of capitalist restoration who now denies to us even the means of bare subsistence, of mere reproduction of our physical capacities to work, which even the slaveholders of the past did not deny to their slaves.…

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